Steve Sitkowski

Over a long career that is well into its third decade, career, financial guru Steve Sitkowski has taught millions of people how to better manage their investments, thus creating a future that is better and more secure than it would be otherwise. Preparing for the “golden years” is everyone’s dream and Steve Sitkowski knows how to make that happen. Steve is very well known for his “tell it like it is,” reputation. He earned that one when he hosted a nationally syndicated radio talk show, but also as a result of the numerous lectures that have been heard by millions in the United States, Canada, and England.

As a prolific author, as well as an advisor, lecturer and talk show host for more than a quarter century, where he has always participated in or discussed the financial services sector, it should be obvious why Steven Sitkowski understands those industries from the perspective of an experienced insider. His professional life has given him a lot of wisdom and his experience gives him the knowledge to be able to explain virtually any situation and show people how to use circumstances to give them an investment edge.