One major reason why Steven Sitkowski seems to have a keen understanding of the financial industry is probably because his entire adult life has been spent as an experienced insider with a wide range of experiences. Over the last quarter century, he has been a Registered Investment Advisor and a Certified Financial Planner and he has been licensed in many other areas, including real estate and insurance.

Over his long career, Steven Sitkowski has become a prominent figure in part because of his communications style, which has often been described as “tell it like it is.” That reputation was hard-earned, through his hosting of a national radio talk show, as well as through his numerous lectures, which have been heard by millions in the United States, Canada, and England. Steve uses his accumulated knowledge and understanding to show clients far more than simply how to get the best return, he likes demonstrate how to better protect themselves from less than scrupulous financial salespeople who just want their hard-earned money. That is why he founded Pro Trader Institute, which shows people the best ways to identify opportunities and to make trades that fit their objectives and goals for growth, while simultaneously respecting their tolerance of and aversion to risk.